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  • Segura Security Services can provide the following types of security:

    • On-Site Uniformed Security Officers
    • Background Investigations
    • Vulnerability Surveys
    • Quantified Risk Analysis
    • Mobile Patrol
    • Criminal Investigations
    • Threat Assessments
    • Undercover Surveillances

On-Site Security Service

The On-Site security officer’s main responsibility is to observe and report. Their duties are client specific and can require a continuous or time-specific presence to prevent unauthorized access. We carefully recruit and select our security officers in a extensive hiring process. We start with an involved application, followed by three separate prescreening tests. Should the applicant proceed through the testing with success, we follow with a Federal background investigation, finger printing, and a drug test. Once the background investigation is complete, a employment decision is made.

Our officers must demonstrate reliability and competence long before they are assigned to a client. Once assigned, we expect the utmost in professionalism and reliability. Should a guard fail to adhere to our standards, we perform any task necessary to rectify the situation. This may be changes to procedure or training, or replacing the officer. For quality insurance, we provide two levels of field supervision. Weekly inspections are done by our Watch Commanders in addition to regular visits by our Operations Supervisor. The Operations Manager is under the direction of Raul J. Segura and works directly with the client to maintain compliance.

Mobile Patrol Service

The main responsibility of our Mobile Patrol Service is to observe and report. Duties vary, but typically involve senior officers in marked vehicles randomly checking assigned facilities during assigned hours according to established policy and procedure. Our normal mobile hours are custom.  This type of service is recommended when only “lock ups” and periodic checks are needed.

Security Risk Management & Crisis Planning Services

Vulnerability Surveys

Quantified Risk Analysis

Threat Assessment

Managing security and safety operations while maintaining budget require all administrators to have a complete understanding of the environmental and security conditions at their facility. With increasing security insurance costs and rising litigation awards, managing risks becomes a significant administrative task that has a direct impact on the bottom line. Our associates specialize in security risk and crisis management services.

SCI Program Management

Segura Security Services has unique expertise to provide a variety of services in the area of Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI). This expertise includes an extensive working background with Security Acquisition Programs involving complex negotiations among military, contractor, and commercial agencies. These studies address security costs, schedule modifications, and safety effectiveness during the life cycle of each security acquisition contract. Segura Security also specializes in comprehensive security and inspections for Special Purpose Facilities. These services include oversight of the necessary security modifications and accreditations to security systems and facility structures to confirm that each one parallels Department of Defense (DOD) specifications. Some examples of our recent experience include the following:

Staffing of Deputy Special Security Officer (SSO) positions.

Management of DOD’s Personnel Adjudication Systems (JPAS) including Joint Clearance and Access Verification Systems (JCAVS); both systems are mandatory for SSO duties.

Staffing of an experienced security specialist with an extensive background in International Affairs as a trained Foreign Disclosure Officer.

Staffing of a skilled professional to conduct Security Education and Awareness training involving SCI and Special Access Programs (SAP), Anti-terrorism Force Protection (ATF), OPSEC briefings, Industrial Security, etc.